Digital assets, raised as national representative industries

PDAX | HOW TO DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAW FIAT CURRENCY AND DIGITAL ASSETS Coinbase Global, Inc., branded Coinbase, is an American firm that runs a cryptocurrency exchange system. Coinbase operates remote-first, and lacks a main physical head office. The company was founded in 2012 by Brian Armstrong as well as Fred Ehrsam, and as of March 2021 was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the USA by trading volume.On April 14, 2021, Coinbase went public on the Nasdaq exchange through a direct listing.

As the central axis of economic activity is switched to digital, the expectation of the block chain and digital assets will be the core infrastructure of the digital economy. Genuid trust between the participants is that the economic system is a necessary requirement for the economic system, as a method of granting trust to the digital economy, it is noteworthy of the block chain and digital assets.

As a result of a certified virtual asset business, the domestic block chain and the digital asset industry have been a major conversation, as a result of a virtual asset business reception, according to the amended specific financial information law (금). If the eagerity is the gateway to the industrial entry, it is concerned that the industry will be called to the industry, and the industry in Tae-dong, is still coexisting.

In this way, Chidinnet Korea starts with a block chain, digital asset industry from a macroscopic perspective, which is a macroscopic point of view to a digital economy, and a series of planning to diagnose a balanced regulation and how to cultivate. [Editer]

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Digital assets have a prejudice of species. (Award)

Digital Asset Industry (Middle)

Digital assets, Kija (bottom)

The possibility of approving the Bit Coin Listing Index fund (ETF) of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Recently, Gary Gan Thorer chairperson is a friendly remarks in a bit coin ETF at a media conference. Bit Coin ETF is a bit coin ETF to invest in a gift agreement, not a bit coin, he said, he said, he said, he said, he said.

SEC is an institution in charge of some of the Financial Committee of the Korea Financial Commission. Given that investor protection is the main role of the institution, this remarks of the Gun Thorer are quite extreme.

Experts evaluate what the US digital asset regulation is not unconditionally unusual, but it is possible because it is a opening regulation , which allows you to make it possible for law, not just to prevent the law.

It is the result of the same regulatory philosophy, which can provide a litigation on a ripple that the SEC is judged to be a ripple that is judged to be sold in unregistered securities, but the paypal, which acquires the licensed licenses, and provide the same regulatory philosophy.

In addition to the US, countries such as Switzerland and Singapore have a definitely complicated and regulatory regulations that are regulating to make businesses, which are specific to digital assets.

Now that the financial paradigm is placed on a digital converter from the analog, what choose is to do now.

I will give the age of a growing force ... Digital Financial State You have to catch the opportunity to get a chance

In Korea, the financial paradigm should utilize the point of digitally changing digitally in the analog to provide a scaffold of new economic growth.

Professor, Korea University, Kim, Hyung-jung, a specialist Professor, said, Now, the manufacturing industry, such as a semiconductor, a car is a power, but there is a limit to grow the economy to grow the economy, he said, The Economy to Finance I have been able to get strength.

The manufacturing growth of the real economy has slowed down. According to the Strategic Structure and Response Strategy reported by the National Assembly Budget Policy, the Compatibility Strategy of the Korean Economy reported, the estimation rate of the manufacturing industry has declined to a level of 3.5% in the last 3.5% in the 1970s. The degree of contribution to economic growth fell to 1.1% p at 3.5% p.

In the case of the service industry, the value added in the VAT is 60% in the absence of 60%. Developed countries tend to increase the proportion of service businesses, and our country is not. The competitiveness of the service industry is lagging behind, which is slowed down to the growth of the manufacturing industry.

Professor Kim said, We do not think that the finance has been weak so far, because the financial power would be a financial power, but now it has been a new opportunity now, I have to use this change now. Stressed.

Digital finance, programmable currency core

Professor Kim said, Digital finance is a digital currency that the largest characteristic to be distinguished from the analog finance is used. The existing analog shift is a dodge (donated), And explained.

Digital financial services, such as Death Centralization Finance (Diffie), alternative futuristic (NFT), and diverse digital financial services are attracting popularity. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) digitalized legal currency is also being prepared.

To ensure competitiveness in this field, more companies must create real services and accumulate skills and experience in the process.

Professor Kim said, Chain Partners, who developed a Korean Difference Donkey, said that there was no Oracle service to bring reliable coin pricing information in the early days of service development, said Professor, said Professor, said, We have suffered a trusted coin price information that can be trusted in the early days of the service. This stacker said.

Digital asset exchange is also an important part of the Digital Financial Industries. Domestic Digital Asset Exchange Employment, Babs, is also a high-end company in the global market, and it is assessed that it has competitive power. In addition, more than 30 Digital Asset Exchange has been operating for the past three to four years.

A virtual asset exchange officer said, The part of many people overlooked is the competitiveness of the Digital Asset Exchange, said the Digital Asset Exchange, said the trading volume that can not be compared to the Securities Corporation stock trading app, Traffic adjustment technology and operation know-how is enormous, he said.

Digital assets, regulatory change will be stabilized market,

Digital assets are likely to be responsible for the conversion to digital finance. Now, it is necessary to make a clear regulation on a clear regulation and to pure the industry.

Lin Lin Lawyer, the Legal Law, said, If you manage each of the digital assets, you can manage each product, and create a system that will make more information revealed, and you can catch two rabbits of the market.

Already already Switzerland and Singapore are classified as a financial authority to the financial authorities, ▲ securities ▲ ▲ utility ▲ ▲. The United States also identifies the kind of digital assets while SEC registered a securized token.

Utility type is like a license, gift certificate, and digital coupon, and payment is a prepaid payment. Therefore, if you rationally determine, the price is low, and it is possible to market if it is provided, only accurate information is provided. The securities type may be strictly managed by the Securities Transactions Act.

For example, suppose that some theme parks make the use rights before completion and sell them in advance. Pass is expected to be sold in 100,000 won after completion, and the token that can be changed to the license is that the token is built in 10,000 won. This token can be transactions that can be transactions, but they will converge to 100,000 won.

To move the digital asset prices according to reasonable judgment, information should be sufficiently disclosed. We must evaluate the realization of the business and the development of the development progress of the development progress, and the lion, reservation, and palsy of digital assets should be generated. In addition, a disclosure system is required. If listed companies are notified, they will make a certain part of the Korean Exchange, and false, punish, and to respond to disclosure requirements

If you classify the token according to the characteristics, and evaluate the token, it will not be the reason why the price will go, he said, he said, I can stabilize the market without a big worries.


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