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, ahead of the second beta test, the core content is a trailer image

\ — 2 to 23,

The new PC Online Survival Game, which Cacao Games is served, and the reality magic is being developed, released a beta trailer image that introduces core content prior to the second beta test that begins on the 16th.

The trailer can identify an escape system that can be avoided in the harsh environment where the player is unfolded, and to introduce the survival action such as collecting, construction and combat, etc., and the newly added new field boss and the moment of destruction.

is as follows, as Survival and Battle, focusing on developing and developing a deep growth and cooperation with a concise system to focus on the core fun of the game, Feedback and communication are being developed to increase the completeness of the game.

The second beta test also provides a comfortable first play experience with optimized growth and survival copying and providing a comfortable first play experience, while it is also affected by the entire players through friends and field bosses, Through reinforced cooperative content, such as giving, we have enjoyed a sense of accomplishment of survival.

The second beta test will be held from November 16 to 23 (based on the Korean time), and the user who wants to participate is that the game platform steam searches for Hysteria Pressing the selection process can participate in the beta test with gamers around the world.

Second beta test Participation methods and more information about participation methods and games, can be confirmed after searching for the following café official café hysteria, steam community, and or Hysteria in the discord.


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